Own A Chatroom Website


Your Very Own Chatroom Website!

With this purchase, you will get your very own chatroom website! You get to choose from available domain names, and gear it towards any community you want. SissyFace will INSTALL & SETUP your website absolutely FREE!

You will be the OWNER of the website, and therefore the ADMIN.

You Can:
Create Chatrooms & Allow others to create rooms as well.
Make the website look how ever you want.
Users can upload Pics, Videos, Audio, and Files.
Admin Panel can Disable/Enable any features.
Website is loaded with features, aesthetically awesome, and has NO bugs.
You will be totally in charge to do as you please with your Chatroom. 

You will receive a FREE SSL Certificate for your website with this purchase, so your site will be "Safe," on all browsers and have the padlock before it, in the URL bar.

After the initial purchase, there is a Monthly charge of $7.99 for Hosting.

For Questions & Inquiries Please Contact: SissyFace@Protonmail.com