Pack Of 100 Physical Sissy Cards


Pack Of 100 Physical Sissy Cards!

Sissies will now have the ability to have their Sissy ID in a physical business card format, granting further possibilities for Exposure, Notoriety, and a new kind of Sissy Rush. 

With this package you will have your Sissy Picture you want as the ID avatar along with your bio, name, location, and contact information. Leave them anywhere you'd like in hopes of a connection or what ever it is that gives you the feeling you're seeking. 

Due to laws and all that, we are NOT able to create cards with nudity on them, so please keep the requirements PG-13 (thongs and panty pics are sexy and always allowed).


ALSO! Unlike the fake Sissy ID floating around on the internet, your customized sissy ID will also include a QR code of your sissyface profile. The QR will work on all card, and be printed on all cards. 

After your purchase, as SissyFace Associate will contact you gather the needed information from you to create your Sissy ID Cards. 

For Questions or Inquiries, please always feel free to contact us at: